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Fashion and Style for Everyone – Wardrobe Staples that Every Women Should Have

Fashion-and-Style-for-EveryoneFashion and Style for Everyone : It is very important to look good, because when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good it seems that nothing could go wrong. If you are reading this, you are one among the many women who have grown tired of spending too much time on choosing which dress to wear and deliberately argue with yourself if your choice of dress would complement your or would just make unattractive.

It is also a fact that some women would find dressing themselves a challenge because either they are too small, they have wide hips, big thighs, big breast, wide shoulders, etc. Well, there is good news. You can now buy a couple of shirts, dresses, pants, etc. and make them your wardrobe staples so that the next time you dress yourself you can just wear any of which and you will just look great regardless if you are a size 2 or a size 20.

Here are your must have outfits:

  1. Crop tops – It could be worn with high waist jeans or shorts. For those that are not really comfortable in the possibility of showing some skin, you can layer crop top over a longer top.
  2. Collarless Blazers – These blazers do not have folds on the neck part that could bulge when you are someone with big breast. Collarless blazers have smooth lines allowing it to flow freely on your chest without bulging.
  3. Boyfriend Jeans – Keep some skinny jeans or jeggings, but you have to know that Boyfriend jeans are better than most jeans in your wardrobe. It doesn’t hug tightly your legs and thighs, making most people awkward about the shape of their legs or what not, the BF jeans outline your legs perfectly and cuffing the bottom portion of it allowing a portion of your ankle to show is just sexy.
  4. Shift Dresses – Bigger size women require guts to get into a shift dress; however, the truth is, shift dresses works for all sizes. The key is, to look for one that glides to the biggest part of your body. Depending on the occasion you pair it with any type of shoes or sandals.
  5. Jumpsuits – Yes, jumpsuits are a must have. Just like shift dresses, it has its reputation about fitting on skinny women; but bigger sized women celebrate, these dresses looks good on you too.

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